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Pre-Show Advertising

Old-school advertising mediums such as TV and newsprint are rapidly losing their effectiveness and value.  In this age of PVR's, DVD's, Pay-per-view, and the internet, your audience has many different ways to avoid watching your tv or newsprint ad.

That's where advertising at a movie cinema is different.  Audiences at a cinema are far more inclined to find their seats as soon as they arrive, and then remain seated until the show starts.  Audiences also tend to have a strong emotional attraction to the immersive quality of cinemas.

As a result, studies have shown that audiences have a much higher rate of ad recall and brand awareness if your ad is shown at a movie theatre.

At the Gibsons Cinema, we feature a FULLY DIGITAL pre-show that runs for between 30-45 minutes prior to every movie.  Your static or live-action FULL-COLOUR ad will be seen an average of about 5 times prior to every movie we show.

Along with having your ad up on the BIG SCREEN, advertisers at the Gibsons Cinema are also able to place their business cards or brochures in our lobby rack display.

Give us a call today or send us an email to find out about rates and ad specifications.

Special Events & Customer Appreciation

Looking for a unique and fun way to promote your business? 

Trying to find something different for your customer appreciation event?

Needing to create buzz and excitement for your business?

Why not reserve an exclusive private movie showing at the Gibsons Cinema for all your customers?  Not only will everyone have a lot of fun, but your customers will never forget the experience and will make your company the talk of the town!